Details About Temperature Mapping For Warehouses

Temperature mapping can be defined as the process of mapping and recording temperature in 3 dimensional space. If you think that in large cold-storage, small fridge, warehouses or freezer have same temperature remains same in every place, then you will be surprised to know that it may vary by around 10°C from one place to other in the same space.

Temperature at different corners will be different as compared to the center at the tie of measure. We all know the fact that the hot air rises, whereas the cold air sinks so it will be wrong if we say that the temperature at the bottom of room will be different as compared to the temperature at the top of the room.

temperature mapping

The temperature mapping for warehouse helps in mapping and recording the temperature at every part of the room. The efficacy of the product totally relies on the goods or products being stored correctly. Vegetables and fruits stored in too much of low temperature can damage or freeze  them, on the other side vaccine stored at too cold or too hot temperature can destroy the efficacy of the drug. Ensuring that the temperature at all the location of the warehouse or refrigerator is same can be done properly only through the machine of temperature mapping for warehouse.

The temperature mapping machine is the integral part of any storage for products like foods and medicines to maintain their quality.

The data logger of the temperature mapping machine is required to be properly placed in the 3 dimensional space for mapping the temperature of the storage along vertical, horizontal and the depth plain with the areas that are most likely to get the temperature variations.


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