Vital Facts about Temperature Mapping For Warehouse

Temperature mapping for warehouse is a process of mapping and recording temperature in three dimensional areas of cold chain management solutions. If you believe that the temperature in any of the storage area like small fridge, huge cool storage, warehouse or freezer remains the same at every place, then you it will be surprise for you to know that the temperature can vary by almost 10 degree from one place to other.

Temperature at the corner of the storage will possibly be different as compared to the center of the warehouse. We all are aware with the fact that hot sir rises and cold air sinks – hence it is very clear that the temperature at bottom of the storage area will be different from temperature at the top.

Also there are particular areas in the warehouse where temperature will vary like next to cooling fan temperature will be cooler in comparison to the temperature near to door.

temperature mapping fridge

Significance of Temperature Mapping for Warehouses

The efficacy of the product depends on the way product is stores. Vegetable and fruits stored in the area that is very cold can ruin its quality; similarly vaccines stored in a fridge that is too cold or warm can destroy the efficacy of the product. Make sure that everywhere temperature of the fridge has correct range of temperature for maintaining the quality of the product.

Temperature monitoring and temperature mapping for warehouse are integral to storage in the cold chain management solution of products like medicines and foods.

Method of Temperature Mapping –

The data loggers required to be properly placed in the three dimensional area for temperature mapping with depth, vertical and horizontal plain along with areas that possible has ore temperature variations.

Monitoring of temperature should be carried out in usual working days instead of weekends, because internal temperature of the area will change depending on the number of time the warehouse or storage doors are closed or opened. Usually you must opt for experienced firm for temperature mapping to get ensure that storage space is mapped properly followed by placement of sensor and data loggers at right locations for ongoing monitoring.